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"We purchased our in ground pool from Krevco Lifestyles in 2009 and they did a fantastic job from the sales person who handled our needs to the construction crew who built the pool of our dreams. Now, we just can't wait for the summer to begin!"

"Dear Mr. Carson:

Too often customers will take the time to complain about service when the workmanship is poor or incomplete but they fail to recognize excellence or exemplary service. This is one of those exceptions where I felt compelled to write this letter identifying the exemplary service that we received from all of the employees at Krevco.

This year our pool liner was in need of replacement, and we were not only faced with the challenge of the remedial work that needed to be performed on our pool but we faced the challenge of finding a professional pool company that we could trust to get the work done promptly, professionally, economically, and one willing to work within the time constraints of two very busy work schedules. That company was Krevco.

Let me start with Ike, who was so kind, polite, and accommodating, in taking our order, answering a multitude of questions, arranging for a prompt assessment and estimate date, and finally alerting us to the fact that there were upcoming sales events which would help us in reducing the overall cost of the project. Ike may not have been aware of it at the time, but this initial introduction to Krevco helped seal the deal so to speak convincing us that Krevco was the company that we wanted to enter into a contract with. We were both so impressed with Ike's honesty and integrity.

Shortly thereafter, we were contacted by Mike, your sales associate, who always kept us apprised of when he would be coming to the house to conduct his assessments, working within our busy time tables, never missing an appointment or arriving late. He made many good suggestions on how we could improve the functionality of the pool and again was the consummate professional in keeping us apprised of when the work was about to begin. Although we expected to wait until July or even August to have the liner replaced, we were very surprised to learn that barring any unforeseen problems, we may have a fully functional pool as early as May. Both Mike and Jordan attended to the property as planned, taking all of the appropriate measurements, answering all of my questions, and taking the time to discuss other products that Krevco had available, which would improve the overall efficiency of our pool. With schedules as busy as ours, it was nice to see that an appointment made was an appointment kept, employees who always arrived on time, and that the service provided was kind, courteous and respectful. Gates were always closed, as with having many young children in the neighbourhood, safety is a huge concern.

The work began in our yard last week, with many neighbours impressing upon us just how hard the guys were working, how early they got started and how late they stayed, and just how clean the workmen were keeping our driveway and our yard. David, what can I say about David, we always received a phone call each morning around 6:45 a.m. – 7:15 a.m. advising us whether the team of David, Quinn and Joe would or would not be attending to the property as a result of all the bad weather we had been having over the past couple of weeks. Once again, with my concern for safety, this allowed me to keep the gates locked when I knew they would not be attending to the property. David, Quinn, and Joe were extremely hard working and you could tell that they worked to a standard of excellence I had not seen in the past. The sod removed to run new pool lines was neatly saved on old pieces of pool liner, so as to not destroy or damage the surrounding grass or landscaping. They ran the new pool lines around my landscaping, to minimize the damage caused to the yard and in the end nobody could tell that the yard had been disturbed, as many of our neighbours were anxious to see the finished product. The attention to detail amazed me, as they ensured that every little piece of aggregate was raked up from the lawn and every piece of debris was carefully removed. The new pool liner looks beautiful, as does the newly poured concrete pad which houses the pool pump and filtration system. Although we were not home for most of the liner installation, it is nice to feel confident that this same attention to detail went into the liner installation; the pool has never looked this good.

In closing Mr. Carson, you should be so proud that you have a team of employees that work so tirelessly in making Krevco, in our opinion, the only company that we will ever deal with in future on any pool related issues. It was amazing to watch the attention given to the smallest detail, ensuring customer satisfaction at every level of the organization. It was a pleasure getting to know all of your employees, and to watch how tirelessly David, Quinn, and Joe worked in giving us a product that we could be so proud to come home to every night. It was an absolute pleasure and we extend our sincerest appreciation to you and the employees at Krevco who worked so tirelessly in making this happen."

Brenda & Gerry Cox

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